Raffles, Drawings and Other Contests for Car Clubs

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If you are trying to decide what your club should possibly offer as a raffle prize there are several things that you should consider but of course, finding prizes that are car related are always best. Some of the most popular options are also highly affordable as well, especially if you take the time to call around and see if you can obtain any donations for the raffle that you are conducting. Just be careful to ensure that you treat businesses right to get repeat prizes in the future.

Look to cat detailing and body shops for some gift certificates. Most people with great classic cars are ever really satisfied with the appearance. This leaves it quite necessary to usually continuously redo some work of some sort. A small gift certificate may not go far, but it can be a huge help if someone is close to finishing the work on their car. Plus, many shops will work out a deal where you can purchase the gift certificate for at least a reduced price if not donate it entirely.

Auto parts stores are another great idea for raffles. Most people need auto parts at some point even if it is something that is basic like oil and spark plugs for normal maintenance. Providing members with prizes that allow them to pick up the auto parts of their choice can be a sure way to win over members.

Car seats are sometimes uncomfortable or even neglected in the quest to make the outside of the car look gorgeous. Consider seeking out either seat covers, or an upholstery shop for a prize. This would allow members to have some work done on the inside of their car without having the save up them money to afford it themselves.

Additionally, look to some restaurants to donate some gift certificates for free food. These are usually quite easy to arrange and almost always are free to get, just talk to the manager at the store and you are generally able to obtain 2-3 complete meals quite easily. Similar arrangements can usually be worked out for movie theaters as well. This can help you to arrange an entire date night to give away to members.

If you happen to have a really large budget, you could arrange for a small mini weekend vacation somewhere. If you are really good at talking to people you might be able to get some free gas cards to pay for the gas if the destination is close by, as well as a free or at least reduced priced hotel room as well. Talk to the managers around the destination area and you may be even able to snag some free tickets to events and attractions in the area.

As you can see, raffles and contests do not always have to have t-shirts and hats as prizes. While some people really are thrilled to win a shirt, having a few big prizes, especially when they are discounted make a great option for helping to boost the sales of the tickets, or encourage members to attend meetings if you are always giving away great prizes to those who show up. Just remember, be very nice to businesses that donate prizes so that they are likely to work with you again in the future.

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