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Your SUV: Your New Paint Job

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Look sharp in cut rate auto body shop or you may lose more than you gain. A good paint job to spruce up your SUV up truck may lose you more than you gain. A good job takes time, skill and equipment.

Why should you pay big dollars to have your SUV repainted when you can get the job done for much less cost? After all for appearances if you place both of these jobs side by side they may well look fine.

In fact, one may be actually be as good as the other – and you will be in the chips with the cheaper job. A low overhead , a low margin of profit and a volume business can make it possible for one shop to charge bargain basement prices and turn out a job that will stand up for years.

But cutting pries may also mean cutting corners. If you have ever painted a car or even a fence you know that a job takes time, patience and a good degree of skill. There are many chances for cutting corners. Failing to sand off rust for instance. Or skipping various steps in the process.

Here are some defects that might show up over time in a corner cutting paint job.

The most common defect is “Peeling”. Peeling is what happens most often. Sometimes the entire paint film lifts off right down to bare metal and you can see rust that was not removed. Or the sealing has not stuck to the primer coat or finish stuck to sealer.

Next in line is wrinkling. Wrinkling is a condition that you can almost always blame on the man or women who did the job. Perhaps too heavy a coat of paint was applied. Or the painter may have used a thinner that dried too fast. In warm weather this will produce a very heavy coat that will surface dry too rapidly. Insufficient thinner is another cause of wrinkling.

Cracking and checking may come from too much haste in turning out the job. Applying finish coasts before the coats underneath dry may well have occurred. Sudden temperature changes or the movement of body panels may cause fine cracks.

Should you take back a defective job like this – the painter may tell you that that “spotting in” would fix it up. It will not. The entire panel must be completely refinished.

Blistering of paint can be caused by a variety of conditions but if it happens soon after the car comes from the auto body shop you can almost always blame the painter.

Poor preparation of the metal always causes blisters and bubbles. Perhaps various steps were missed or fudged. Grease oil or dirt may have been left on the surface before painting began. Moisture or oil in the air line of the spray gun can cause blisters as well.

But if the job is done at a time of high temperature and humidity, be cautious about blaming the shop. These conditions may blister the very best paint job. Even nearby chemical plants or pollution can cause this as well.

How can you avoid such defects and problems? True in even in a full high priced job, some of these defects some or even all of these defects can show up. But your chances of missing them are far better.

Above all, know the shop and its reputation. If you are doubtful stand around awhile and watch. You might well do this while awaiting your estimate.

After all it is your SUV. Your vehicle is the best representation of you. Being careful and thorough is always the best policy.

6 Top Tips for Finding Recession-Proof Jobs

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Recession can be a very stubborn thing. Once it drops by, it can take a while for it to fade away and disappear. However, that doesn’t mean that we should simply sit back and let it overcome us. It can, after all, wreck havoc on our finances and personal lives. In these tough times, finding a job already seems improbable – just imagine being in the market for jobs that are not affected by recession. But take heart. There’s still hope yet. Here are top 6 tips for finding recession-proof jobs:

Look for jobs in secure industries.
If you’ve read the news by now, trying to get a job in an auto plant is like trying to get on an elevator that’s going down – and you’re trying to go up. The same is true if you’re trying to get a leg in real estate.

Instead of wasting your time trying to join an industry that’s experiencing some bad times, try to set your sights on industries that have remained stable or are experiencing growths. These include:

– Health care (nursing, caregiving, special care, medicine, physical therapy and other support manpower)

– Law enforcement

– Information Technology (network administration, software design and development)

– Support Services (customer service, administrative assistance)

– Sales and business development (product management, retail and wholesale)

– Engineering

– Education (teaching, school administration and other related support services)

Boost your resume.

If an employer sees nothing promising or exciting in your resume, they won’t think twice about throwing your piece in the trash bin. Before you try to hook a recession-proof job, consider revamping your resume right now. Take a copy of your latest and review it. If your resume is several months old, there’s a high likelihood that it needs a makeover.

Focus on accomplishments.

A common error among jobhunters is detailing their job descriptions in their resumes. Although this is helpful in establishing their work experience, it may not always give the prospective employer a good idea of what you can do. Emphasize on the results that you have produced instead.

Adapt your resume.

Typing out and printing a generic resume is a huge mistake. Generic is average, which means that you have very little to help you stand out from the crowd. If you want a recession-proof job, make sure your resume is something that your employers will find attractive.

Consider the industry you’re targeting. If the job calls for someone who has a strong sales experience, emphasize your sales background. If the job calls for someone who had been involved directly in marketing and promotions, show your qualifications in these departments. The more relevant your resume says you are, the better you’ll be at landing a recession-proof job.

Expand your reach.

Other than advertised job vacancies, consider other venues for finding recession-proof jobs. Look for trade magazines, papers, clubs and associations. You could also tap your network of professionals in the same field.

Get further education.

In tough times, you ought to arm yourself with tougher credits. One is by obtaining additional training or education. Getting certified or expanding your professional qualifications will help make you a more desirable hiree.

Recession-proof jobs are usually the most popular among jobhunters who are probably considering the same strategies as you right now. It’s likely that for every recession-proof job that is available out there, there are thousands of other jobhunters out to get it. If you have better qualifications courtesy of better training and experience (in case you’ve had hands-on education or internship), you’ll come out as the best, most capable candidate.

Birth Control 101

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We now live in a world where sex is as normal as going out to the movies. Even teenagers as young as fifteen years old are aware of the concept of premarital sex. And chances are, a lot of adolescents aged 15 to 19 are already sexually active. It is because we take sex so lightly that the rate of accidental pregnancies are going higher and higher up the charts.

While we’re on the subject of being permissive enough to ignore teenage sex, think about this: Do these teenagers know what contraceptives are? Do they know which ones to use and how to properly use it? This article will help children understand birth control more.

What is contraception and how does birth control work?
Birth control is a set of actions, devices, medications used for the sole purpose of preventing conception or pregnancy. It works in three ways:
1. It prevents the monthly release of an egg cell (ovum) from the ovaries during menstruation.
2. It thickens the cervical mucus lining so that sperm cells would not be able to swim and join with an ovum.
3. It changes lining of the uterus to make implantation of a fertilized egg difficult.

What are the different birth control types available?
There are natural methods of birth control. These do not require the aid of any device of medication. The natural method of contraception includes:
1. Abstinence. This requires a person to totally abstain from engaging in sexual activities of any form.
2. Withdrawal. This requires the man to pull his penis out of his partner’s vagina before he reaches his climax and ejaculates.
3. Sexual outercourse. It allows sexual gratification by means of non-penetrative sex. It may be in the form of oral sex or masturbation.
4. Fertility awareness. This method allows for couples to determine a woman’s safe and unsafe periods by means of careful recording of the woman’s basal body temperature, her first and last day of menstruation, and the consistency of her vaginal mucus secretions.

The barrier method of contraception includes:
1. Male condom. It is a latex or polyurethane rubber cylinder worn on the man’s penis to block sperm from going into the partner’s body.
2. Female condom. It is a thin sheath or pouch worn to line the vagina to collect sperm ejaculated by a man during sex.
3. Cervical cap. It is a barrier made out of either latex or silicone which is placed over the cervix to prevent sperm from entering the female reproductive tract.
4. Diaphragm. It works much like the cervical cap.

The hormonal birth control method includes:
1. Oral contraceptive pills. These are pills that contain synthetic versions of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone which aim to normalize a woman’s hormone level to prevent ovulation.
2. Injectables. It is a progestin-only solution that is injected to prevent ovulation for three months.
3. Hormonal patches. It is a thin, 2in by 2 in patch that slowly releases hormones into the body within the span of a week before it is replaced.
4. Birth control implants. It is a thin flexible plastic rod to be inserted under the skin of the upper arm of the woman to slowly release synthetic hormones into the body within the span of a year before it is replaced.

The intra-uterine device (IUD) is a T-shaped rod placed inside the uterus to created a localized inflammation so that the bodies auto-immune system will create white blood cells to repair the infection and in turn kill sperm cells that get within the vicinity of the inflammation.

Choosing the best birth control method to use is a serious matter. Consult your doctor to know more about the different risks and benefits of these contraceptive methods before picking one to use.

Diminished Value: What Most Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Diminished Value: What Most Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know

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If you have been in a car accident with a newer car that was not totaled but received a significant amount of damage, you may be entitled to more money than you know about. Most insurance companies won’t tell you that you may be able to get a significant amount of money for a diminished value claim. Many people do not even know what diminished value means.

Diminished value is the difference in value between a vehicle with an accident history, and the same vehicle without an accident history. Diminished value is the monetary difference between a car’s pre-accident value and its value after the accident – the automatic loss in value from a collision. Diminished value is very hard to prove, so many times you need to hire an attorney who handles diminished value claims, depending on what state you live in.

Diminished value exists as a real concept in the insurance world and it is paid all throughout the country. Diminished value is the best-kept secret that your auto insurance company hopes you never learn. Diminished value is a reality, even in cases where repairs eliminate all visual evidence of damage. Diminished value is most pertinent in relation to late model cars that have low miles and have suffered structural damage. The amount of repair related diminished value is determined by the overall quality of the repairs.

Diminished Value and Insurance

Insurance companies generally do not acknowledge the right to recover diminished value. Insurance companies would have you believe they are your advocates when in reality they are your adversaries. Insurance companies promise to restore your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition, but fail to define exactly what that means. Nowadays, a vehicle’s crash history is easy to track online, and a history of an accident can cost a vehicle owner thousands of dollars.

Diminished Value and Accidents

The fact that it has been involved in an accident and repaired causes your vehicle to have diminished value. It has been estimated that 55% of consumers would not buy a car that had been in an accident. Although your body shop does an excellent job and your vehicle looks as good as it did before the accident, having been in a collision it’s now much less desirable if you should decide to sell it now or down the road. If you list your car for sale in the newspaper for the Kelley Blue Book Value, the first thing a buyer will ask is “Was this car in an accident?” If your beautiful late model car sustained structural damage, or was repaired with cheap foreign parts, your buyer will likely not pap the same value for it as they would have before the auto accident.

Diminished Value Appraisal

It has been my experience that it is key to get a good appraiser to value the car once the appraisals are done.

Without An Excellent Finish Your Vehicle Is No Shark

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If there is a paradox that meanders through automobile vehicle owners – whether it is owners of cars, trucks or S.U.V.’s is that most owners and purchasers tend to short change their vehicle’s finish and final shiny finish and presentation. This absurdity is usually two fold: either the enthusiast loses patience, is lazy or simply runs out of money. However according to automotive industry expert Riteway Strokon “Presentation and Appearance is Everything” “ Presentation, Presentation , Presentation“ is similar to the Real Estate Salesperson’s adage of “Location , Location , Location”..

What factors need to be considered in the choice of car body paint shop and technician specialists who will prepare and apply the finish to your vehicle – be it car, truck or S.U.V.? First of all a proper and a through job of preparation are essential. Once cannot skimp on a foundation of a house and once cannot skimp on proper auto body paint preparation. A paint job is only as good as to what is underneath it. The auto body surface must be absolutely clean – first by a chemical stripper, next removing any rust apparent or not apparent on the car by either by chemical means or by sandblasting. Once those two are done the surface must be washed down with a metal conditioner to in effect etch the metal surface for better adhesion of the paint.

Next the surface of the vehicle is primed with a special “primer “coat of paint. The key thing to ask and look for at this stage of the process is whether the car with its coat of primer paint will be allowed to air dry and set for a number of days or whether the paint will be slapped on after only a cursory overnight time period of primer paint drying. After a thorough drying – this coat of primer paint will next be thoroughly and carefully sanded. Again attention to detail and patience are key. You can often judge these two traits in a shop and its staff by both their attention to cleanliness and order in their shop of tools and equipment, their general demeanor as well as references from previous customers.

Next in line is the actual painting process. Here again attention to detail is key. Not enough can be stressed on the importance of this stage in the vehicle painting process.

Lastly it comes to the post presentation finishing. Ask about this step. Some shops will consider the job “done” after the simple application of the surface paint.

Others will pay great attention to detail – inspecting and applying finishing touches- in effect making sure that everything and anything of the presentation and appearance of the car is in order. The vehicle so to speak should be in better than “new condition”. Ensure that body moldings as well as the rubber door seals are placed in properly – that is tight fitting without space so that the rubber doors seals seal fit intact and tightly without gaps. There should be no wind noises. Lastly ensure that no remnants of the finished paint job are apparent in small ways on your vehicle paint job.

All in all a more than excellent paint job more than adds great value and appreciation to your vehicle – whether it is Car, Truck or Sports Recreation Vehicle .

Raffles, Drawings and Other Contests for Car Clubs

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If you are trying to decide what your club should possibly offer as a raffle prize there are several things that you should consider but of course, finding prizes that are car related are always best. Some of the most popular options are also highly affordable as well, especially if you take the time to call around and see if you can obtain any donations for the raffle that you are conducting. Just be careful to ensure that you treat businesses right to get repeat prizes in the future.

Look to cat detailing and body shops for some gift certificates. Most people with great classic cars are ever really satisfied with the appearance. This leaves it quite necessary to usually continuously redo some work of some sort. A small gift certificate may not go far, but it can be a huge help if someone is close to finishing the work on their car. Plus, many shops will work out a deal where you can purchase the gift certificate for at least a reduced price if not donate it entirely.

Auto parts stores are another great idea for raffles. Most people need auto parts at some point even if it is something that is basic like oil and spark plugs for normal maintenance. Providing members with prizes that allow them to pick up the auto parts of their choice can be a sure way to win over members.

Car seats are sometimes uncomfortable or even neglected in the quest to make the outside of the car look gorgeous. Consider seeking out either seat covers, or an upholstery shop for a prize. This would allow members to have some work done on the inside of their car without having the save up them money to afford it themselves.

Additionally, look to some restaurants to donate some gift certificates for free food. These are usually quite easy to arrange and almost always are free to get, just talk to the manager at the store and you are generally able to obtain 2-3 complete meals quite easily. Similar arrangements can usually be worked out for movie theaters as well. This can help you to arrange an entire date night to give away to members.

If you happen to have a really large budget, you could arrange for a small mini weekend vacation somewhere. If you are really good at talking to people you might be able to get some free gas cards to pay for the gas if the destination is close by, as well as a free or at least reduced priced hotel room as well. Talk to the managers around the destination area and you may be even able to snag some free tickets to events and attractions in the area.

As you can see, raffles and contests do not always have to have t-shirts and hats as prizes. While some people really are thrilled to win a shirt, having a few big prizes, especially when they are discounted make a great option for helping to boost the sales of the tickets, or encourage members to attend meetings if you are always giving away great prizes to those who show up. Just remember, be very nice to businesses that donate prizes so that they are likely to work with you again in the future.

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Safety Instructions Before Using Vehicle Lifts

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Lifts are used to raise a vehicle on a stable platform, allowing automotive mechanics unrestricted access to inspect and repair the underbelly, transmission and wheels of the vehicle. Multiple vehicle lifts are standard equipment in most auto repair shops. In addition, some automobile enthusiasts install lifts in their homes for vehicle storage.

Prior to 1920, only service pits were available for repairing and doing preventive maintenance on the undersides of vehicles. The hydraulic auto lift was invented in the 1920’s to reduce the time and equipment needed to hoist vehicles off the ground. Depending on the design used, .today’s vehicle lifts can raise up to 50,000 pounds and can cost between $9,000 and $45,000. Installation not included.

In the beginning, there were no industry standards and vehicle lifts varied in design and construction. After World War II, there were only fifteen auto lift manufacturers in the United States. They recognized the need to develop standards to guide the industry. In 1947, the U.S. government issued its first set of standards. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration developed its own regulations in 1974.

Today, there are three major manufacturers of heavy lifts: Mohawk Resources Ltd. of Amsterdam, NY; Advantage Lift Systems based in San Diego, CA; and Rotary Lift in Madison, IN. Electric controls for lifts are standard, and lift features vary according to price and model. They vary depending on where they make contact with the vehicle, usually the axles, frame or wheels. They include single-, two-, four-post, and scissors lifts. The single- and two-post lifts are ideal for small trucks and cars. The four-post auto lift is used for most commercial and transit vehicles. The scissors lift saves space by having the posts in the middle of the lift, operating like an open pair of scissors.

Over the years, the structure of the automobile body has changed. Vehicles previously built onto underbody frames are now being constructed into frameless or unibody styles. Lifts have evolved to better handle the structure of newer vehicles. Rotary, for example, has developed the three stage lift. It has three telescoping sections, giving it a greater range of extension and retraction than other lifts. As a result, it can reach a broader range of vehicle pick-up points. It has become the preferred lift of many vehicle manufacturers, including Honda, Volkswagen and Audi.

Despite changes in the design of lifts over the years, many injuries and accidents occur annually. This is usually due to human error rather than any flaw in the lift design. The most simple things often lead to disaster. Auto mechanics sometimes fail to keep the lift area free of debris, grease/oil and obstructions. Not paying close attention when working around the lifts or allowing untrained individuals to use them are two more potential problems. Some forget to wear the right safety gear, including goggles, a hard hat, and steel toed boots.

Proper use and maintenance of the equipment is essential. Blocking or overriding the controls is dangerous. The manufacturer’s rated capacity is shown on the nameplate affixed to lift. Despite this, some mechanics use the lift to hoist vehicles that exceed the weight limit.

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Mistakes made before the vehicle is lifted are accidents waiting to happen. The lift arms must be properly positioned before the vehicle is raised. If the center of gravity of the car is not on the center of the lift, cars may tip off. With some vehicles, removing or installing items may cause a critical shift in the vehicle’s center of gravity and result in instability. Mechanics should always refer to the lift manufacturer’s recommendations. If there is not ample overhead clearance space, the vehicle may be crushed. Mistakes also occur when the transmission is not in neutral, doors are not securely closed or the ignition is not turned off. Some repairmen fail to lock the lift into place before going under it. Others raise the car while someone is inside the vehicle.

Numerous accidents occur during the lifting process. The vehicle should be loaded on a lift carefully. Mechanics should ensure that the lift supports are in contact with the manufacturer’s recommended lifting points. When a secure contact is made, the lift can be raised to the desired working height. If work will be done under the vehicle, the lift should be raised high enough for its locking device to be engaged.

Before lowering a lift, the mechanic should ensure that everything is removed from under the vehicle. Locking devices should be disengaged before the lift is lowered.

Home Security Alarms Books for Homeowners

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Homeowners considering home security alarms will find a good selection of guidebooks on the subject.
Here are a few of the popular ones.

Home Security, Second Edition: Alarms, sensors and systems

Author Vivan Capel provides a practical guide to help homeowners looking to protect home and property. Simple steps spell out ways to protect the home. Readers are shown how burglars work and how to stop them. Selection and installation of home security alarm systems are discussed.

In addition to detailing the huge range of home security devices available, readers may come up with their own solutions using descriptions and circuits for 2 designs given in the book. Capel discusses both pros and cons of security alarm systems.

Savvy Guide to Home Security

John Paul Mueller, author of more than 60 books, takes homeowners through the steps required in designing, purchasing or installing home security systems. He covers assessment, planning, purchasing and maintaining the home security alarms system. Coverage of home offices is included, along with security expert interviews. Topics in this book include system building, system needs assessment, provider choice, equipment selection and a glossary of terms.

Home Security: How to Select Reliable Locks and Alarms for Your Home, Office or Car

Author Carl Hammer notes that nearly every American suffers from personal theft at least once according to Department of Justice data. He feels that too many homeowners are lulled into a false sense of security by silver-tongued salesmen into installing expensive home security alarm systems but neglect tackling vulnerable door, window and lock issues.
In this book, Hammer reveals how burglars target and break into buildings. Proven techniques and tactics for deterring burglars is given. Dozens of low-tech, low-cost and low-maintenance measures for protecting home and property are detailed.
The extensive section on alarms shows homeowners the best way to install secure alarm systems along with information about how even the most expensive system can be gotten around by others.

The last section of the book details secure home safes, safe gun storage, auto alarms and other situations, including protecting self and family when away from home.

What About My Security?

Ron Herhuth’s practical approach to personal and property security helps homeowners avoid becoming a target of opportunity.
Securing Home and Business: A Guide to the Electronic Security Industry

Erwin Blackstone and Simon Hakim provide practical information on safekeeping the home and other property. Interviews with professional burglars resulted in this book. Detailed are where intrusions most often occur, how entry is gained and what happens when the burglar gets inside.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Home Security

Authors Tom Davidson and Lorna Gentry wrote this guide detailing all homeowners need to know about keeping home and family safe. Everything from basic home security alarm systems to inexpensive means that can be self implemented. Legal issues regarding nanny-cams and monitoring are covered. The author is a former FBI agent and security expert.
Home security alarms can provide an element of safety for homeowners. There are many variables in choosing and implementing the right system. These guidebooks provide information aimed at helping homeowners choose, install and maintain home security alarms.

The Window Is Closing for Subprime Commercial Borrowers!

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Tell your auto repair mechanic, your favorite restaurant owner, and the owner of your pool cleaning service that it’s last call for subprime commercial loans. I predict that the subprime commercial mortgage loan market will shrink by 75% within six months. If these small business owners are ever going to pull some equity out of their commercial buildings to tide them through the coming recession, it may be too late if they don’t apply in the next few weeks.

The way that Wall Street lenders, like Bayview Financial (a fine firm and good friends of ours), raise their lending capital is to securitize their subprime commercial loans. They put the loans in a big pool. They assign the pool of loans to a trust. The trust issues bonds backed by the loans in the trust.

Then investment bankers sell these bonds into the Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) market. In addition to subprime commercial loans, credit card debt and car loans are also often sold as ABS bonds.

The problem is that the buyers of these ABS bonds are now requiring massively higher yields. I read in Bloomberg yesterday that the buyers of AAA-rated ABS bonds are currently demanding yields that are a full 2% (200 basis points!) higher than they were just eight months ago. The appetite for ABS bonds is clearly waning.

In addition, Wall Street subprime commercial lenders are also being forced to lower their loan-to-value ratios. For example, Silverhill Financial recently lowered its high-LTV program from 97% to just 85% loan-to-value.

These changes are a warning that the market for ABS bonds may be drying up. If Bayview, Lehman Brothers and the rest of the Wall Street subprime commercial lenders suddenly dial back their programs, the relatively tiny hard money commercial lending companies will be unable to handle the overflow. Subprime commercial mortgage lending could largely dry up, and it could happen very quickly.

Therefore you need to tell the owner of your favorite coffee shop and your auto body repair guy that if they are ever going to try to borrow against their buildings, they better do it now!

Auto Parts: How Do I Find The Rare Ones?

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Classic cars and their auto parts are a tradition of this country. The USA is unique in its value of the personal rights of the individual citizen including the right to personal property. This means that there are a lot of collectors and just like anything else that people value cars break and need replacement parts.

Older cars are valued for their age and the history they signify. They also wear down over the years and require restoration. The problem is that there is a finite supply of these old auto parts as the models are no longer made. So there is a significant market for these parts. This is what I want to discuss in the next several paragraphs.

So auto parts are often sought to restore a car to its original working condition which is a state that is valued to relive important history. Therefore the demand is high which makes it easier to locate the auto parts because their sale can be a lucrative endeavor. So where do you find these parts and where do they come from?

Well anywhere you find antiques you can find these parts. Old estate auctions, flee markets, and antique malls. The problem is that these can be considerably time consuming and often not very productive. So before you go you should do your research. Body shops are good resources as they are constantly seeking auto parts, car collectors are another valuable source of information. Another great resource is the internet which brings together basically all people with a similar interest in the form of forums, or bulletin boards, or blogs. If there is a part you have the best chance of finding it on the internet.

Another great place to look for things like outdated auto parts is on the online auctions like ebay. If people seek it, that is if there is a market for it, than it is generally being sold on ebay. Often just like when you restore anything you may have to purchase more than just that one part (i.e. a whole car that is often in disrepair or inoperable) but that is what you deal with. The internet is also a great place to shop for parts for your new guns as well as there are liquidators and wholesalers for things like this on the web.

Hopefully this gives you a start as you seek to restore and/or repair that symbol of American freedom. Happing auto parts hunting!

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