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Mark did an excellent job on my 2004 Corolla. He provided a thorough explanation of the work and a detailed estimate. The estimate was accurate and reasonable. I will be referring my family and friends as well as returning for any of my future needs. Mark is dependable and trustworthy. June, 2013

E. Callan

Mark did a fantastic job repairing my ford aerostar van,and went beyond the normal when dealing with the insurance agency. would recommend State Auto Body in Milwaukee to everyone.

Richard Volz – Milwaukee

Thank you for returning our Little Red Nova in such beautiful condition. Craftsmanship and attention to detail such as yours is rare in today’s world. We shall certainly spread the good news to all who might need your services!

The Dakles – Milwaukee

Mark – just wanted to take a second to thank you for the great job you did on Tahoe! Your craftsmanship is excellent. You are a pleasure to deal with. I most definitely will refer friends your way!

John – Wauwatosa

We would like to thank you for the beautiful job on our Cadillac. We still can’t begin to see where you repaired the rust spot on the door! Pretty amazing! You certainly have a “class act” there and we will recommend you in a second!

Ruedi & Julie – Milwaukee

I have been taking my vehicles to State Auto Body for years. The are very professional, friendly and always a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend them!

Brad – West Allis
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    Get a FREE interior and exterior car wash with every repair. We offer pick up and delivery of your vehicle if needed. Need a ride? No problem we offer a shuttle service to get you where you need to go. Special after-hours appointments. We know some folks may not be able to get here during our normal business hours. Just give us a call to arrange a special appointment. We also offer an offsite estimate service. If you can't come to us, we'll come to you! Experience the difference of being a valued Customer not just a number. Serving the entire greater Milwaukee area, including the suburbs!
  • 3 Hour Bumper Replacement!

    Just a little bumper damage? Can't be without your car for a whole day or more? We can order your bumper in advance, paint it, and schedule a 3 hour replacement appointment at your convenience.
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    We offer many other services including: Oil Changes, Shocks and Struts, Brakes, Mufflers, Radiators and Condensers, Battery testing and replacement, Spray-on Bedliners and pretty much any other light mechanical repairs.
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    We only use OEM Certified and NAPA genuine parts on all repairs. Don't settle for cheap after market parts from other shops. They will only reduce the value of your vehicle in the long run.
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    We can paint just about anything! Boats, Motorcycles, Trailers, Machine parts etc...
  • Classic Restoration!

    Got a project car you just can't seem to finish? Is the Wife on you to finish it or sell it? Stop letting it collect dust! You know you want to drive it! Let State Auto Body finish your dream car so you can get it on the road! Call Us Today!
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    We are a Full-Service Auto Body Shop. Services include Auto Body Repair, Dent Removal, Auto Painting, Auto Frame Straightening, Bumper Repair, Fleet Repair, Paint Touch-up, Welding and Brazing, Hail Damage Repair, Window and Windshield Replacement, Collision Repair, Rust Repair and Restoration, Accident Related Mechanical Repairs, Head Light and Tail Light Replacement, Automobile Polishing and Buffing, and just about any other related repairs.
  • Celebrating 46 Years! 1968 - 2014

    Join us in celebrating 46 years in business. State Auto Body in Milwaukee was founded by my father in 1968. Now in 2014, we continue to strive for excellence in quality workmanship and excellent customer service. Join the family! Call or stop by today!

Auto Painting

Automotive painting is one of the basic and complex services offered in auto body shops today. The purpose of this process is to change the look of the automobile, cover imperfections like scratches and etc. One of the goals of most businesses in the auto body industry is to increase their sales for the different services that they offer. Today, more and more colors are already available for car painting use.

History of Automotive Painting
Since the invention of automobiles back in the late 1800's, a varnish system was developed to be used for painting on an automobile. It requires multiple layers of brushing. However, the only color available back then was the color black. Today, not only has the colors increased, but the application and process has already improved.

The purpose of an automobile is reasonably self evident. First and foremost, developing more colors is essential for the benefit of every individual’s preference. It not only defines the owner’s style, but it also reflects the individual’s personality. Aside from improving the automobile’s appearance, the main purpose of painting an automobile is to protect the car’s make-up like metal from developing rust.

How to Paint a Car with Easy Instructions
1. Look for a good working area to conduct the painting process. Make sure to consider the following factors: minimal dust, enough working space for the painter and the car, standardized ventilation, good lighting and power source. In addition, avoid making residential garages as a working area, most residential garages contain furnaces or water heaters that may trigger ignition due to accumulated paint fumes.
2. Obtain the necessary equipment and materials needed for the paint job that includes basic automotive painting equipments, chosen paint colors, polishing and sanding tools and supplies. Personal safety equipment must also be included in the list.
3. Repair any dents that you do not want to be visible when the painting process is completed and do not forget to remove rust.
4. Try to remove any plastic or chrome trim which can be taken off easily and replaced later. The goal is to only paint the body of the car and avoid spilling any paint on the chrome and plastic trim.
5. Sand the area to be painted by using modern sanding devices and make sure to remove the paint and transform it into its original primer or bare metal.
6. After you finished sanding the car, start cleaning all surfaces completely, using denatured alcohol or mineral spirits to ensure no oil or debris is left.
7. Cover all the surfaces that are not included for painting such as glass, door handles, window trim, grills, side mirrors and etc. With the use of recycled paper and masking tape, ensure that there are no holes left between the covered masking tape and paper.

Painting Process
8. Apply primer paint on the surface with a self-etching primer that is corrosion resistant, in case you have to remove all paint down to bare metal in the future.
9. Smooth the prime the surface by using 600 grit wet/dry paper to smooth paint runs which controls the extent of sanding and exposing the metal again. Clean thoroughly to remove dust.
10. Start applying the desired paint color and do not forget to follow the manufacturer’s mixing and application guidelines
11. Let it rest for 24 hours or depending on the paint instructions
12. Once it is totally dry, again sand the car with 1200 grit or finer grit of sand proper to totally smoothen the surface
13. Apply polish to end up with a glossy finish.

Automotive painting brings out the beauty of a car. This is the reason why the application of paint in majority of automobiles will further advance in the future.

Now you can understand why auto body shops charge so much for auto painting! If this sounds like way too much work, give us a call today at State Auto Body in Milwaukee – The Best Auto Body Repair in Milwaukee!

It’s Your Choice!

Did you know that it’s your choice where you take your car for auto body repair! The insurance company CANNOT dictate where you get your car repaired, even if your choice of auto body shops has the highest estimate! Don’t be bullied into taking your car to a sub-par auto body shop just because they have the lowest estimate. 

Facts On Burying Deductibles

From time to time all auto body shops get requests from car owners to “Bury the Deductible” when their damage is covered by collision insurance.

Here at State Auto Body it is not even an option! You may be able to go around the corner and find a body shop that is willing to do this but … be warned that if you do, here are some points you need to consider:

  1. Conspiring to “bury the deductible” is committing fraud against the insurance company and is against the law!
  2. Insurance appraisers know the cost of repairs as well as auto body shops and cannot be fooled by inflated estimates.
  3. If a shop agrees to bury the deductible they will have to take short cuts on the repairs, and the owner will get a second rate job, which will depreciate the value of the car come trade in time.
  4. An auto body shop that is willing to cheat the insurance company will be equally willing to cheat the car owner. The shop will never absorb the deductible. The value will be taken out of the job, and the owner will be the one that loses out.
  5. If a body shop decides to cut corners and it ends up to be a second rate job, the owner has no one to complain to if he conspires to bury the deductible.

The smart thing for the owner to do is to protect his investment by getting a 1st class job from a 1st class shop – like State Auto Body in Milwaukee. He should be happy that all he has to pay is the deductible!